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It’s been two years since we launched Quorum Private Wealth, and we wouldn’t be here without the trust, encouragement, and loyalty of our clients. Which is why we want to update you on all we’ve accomplished in the past two years and share what’s we’re looking forward to next.

We’re making a mark on the industry

Not only did we open our Danville office with a 100+ person celebration, we also went bicoastal. Dylan O’Shea and Sunny Springer joined the Quorum family as part of our east coast office.

They weren’t the only additions to our team, either. Paola Ramos, CFP® joined as a Wealth Advisor and Barbara Prosser came on as Office Manager.

One reason we’re growing the firm? To accommodate new clients! We welcomed 28 new households in the past year, mostly due to referrals.

Thank you for sharing your experience at Quorum with friends and family.

We’ve also worked hard to serve our growing client base. We’ve hosted live webinars with Joe Zidle from BlackStone, Dr. David Kelly from JP Morgan and our own Mary Ann Bartels from Sanctuary Wealth. If webinars aren’t your speed, we’ve published 23 blogs on topics ranging from tax strategy and inflation risk to SECURE Act 2.0.

While we don’t do it for the recognition, we’re thrilled to report the industry is taking note.  

All four founding partners—Mike Barry, Kelly Milligan, Sue Mazzetti, and Melissa Yue—were named to the Forbes/SHOOK 2023 Best-in-State Wealth Advisor list. Melissa and Sue got double the honors; they also made the Forbes/SHOOK 2023 Best-in-State Top Women Wealth Advisor list. Kelly was named an “Advisor to Watch” by AdvisorHub.

Giving back

At Quorum, we believe in boosting financial literacy and giving back to the community. We’re thrilled to update you on the ways we’re meeting this goal.

First, we went digital. By switching to DocuSign for our account paperwork, we estimate we’ve saved roughly 23,000 lbs of wood over the past year (equivalent to roughly a dozen pine trees).

We’ve also continued our streak of hosting financial literacy workshops at some of the top business schools in the country: Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley (where we’ve lectured for the past 10 years), as well as the Wharton School of Business and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford.

We hope that through these lectures, we can share our love of financial planning and wealth management with the next generation.

We also donated to the Lazarex Cancer Foundation, which assists cancer patients with expenses tied to clinical trials, and the World Central Kitchen, which provides emergency food relief following natural disasters. We’ll also be at this year’s walk, happening in late April.

We’ve reached a Quorum


We take a team approach at Quorum Wealth Management—each of our individual wins contributes to our overall success (as well as our ability to serve you). Here are a few of those wins:

  • Sue was named incoming President of Financial Women of San Francisco. Her son Jack heads off to Boston College in August, making her an empty nester.
  • Kelly helped two scouts earn their Eagle rank as an Eagle Coach for Troop 302. He and his wife became empty nesters this past year as their youngest son, Colby, headed off to the University of Wisconsin. They’re also set to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.
  • Mike’s daughter Allie was sworn in as a Presidential Appointee of the Biden Administration. He and his wife will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this year.
  • Melissa solidified her title as world traveler, heading to Cambodia, Singapore, Mexico and Japan this past year. Next up? Turkey and Uzbekistan.
  • Paola’s daughter Anais is set to graduate University of San Francisco this year with a degree in marketing.
  • Rica’s daughter Dianca is also set to graduate from University of San Francisco with a degree in Kinesiology. This past year, Rica and her husband purchased a new home.
  • Barbara’s daughter Nicole is also set to graduate with a kinesiology degree, her’s from the University of Tennessee.
  • Amanda’s daughter Kaelyn graduated her bachelor’s program in Journalism and Mass Communication and is headed back for a master’s program in Mass Communication this year.
  • Courtney’s son Braden is set to get his driver’s license this summer.
  • Jennifer and her husband bought a new home and moved to Idaho.

Third year’s the charm

More than our own personal wins, we’ve enjoyed helping you celebrate YOUR wins. Not only that, we’re grateful for the opportunity to help you reach those goals. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.