The people who engage us have been successful in life and in business.

And now it’s time for them to experience more of the benefits of their prosperity. But what stands in the way is often time itself. The time to optimize the management of their wealth.

Quorum is an independent wealth advisory firm.

Beyond all the financial planning and solutions we provide our clients, what we do is ‘manufacture time.’ Time for our clients to enjoy more of what matters most to them.

We are a highly collaborative, credentialed team of wealth managers with decades of experience working with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and their multigenerational families – just like you.

Your Team


As your advisory team, we will focus on organizing your financial affairs. We construct a comprehensive financial plan based on your full balance sheet, assessing and monitoring all your assets and liabilities no matter where they’re held.


Because the complexity of substantial wealth is often daunting, we specialize in simplifying the decision-making required to properly manage, sustain and grow your assets.


As part of the objective advice we provide, we make recommendations for particular solutions that are tailored to your needs and goals.

We’re able to do all of this by first getting to know you very well.

We listen carefully to learn about your goals and aspirations, your family dynamics and business ambitions, questions and concerns. At your direction, we coordinate with your other trusted advisors, including your attorney and accountant. Together, we will create an actionable plan that not only accounts for your practical needs, but for the values by which you live.

We are jealous guardians of our clients’ time. Our objective is to give them more time to enjoy what matters most to them.

You will come to see us as a true advocate and fiduciary, working proactively in your best interest.

Our team brings a depth of resources that you can rely on. Call on us with questions about concentrated holdings and deferred compensation, about tax-managed investing and estate planning, about philanthropic strategies and the sale of a business. Likewise, call on us to discuss how to educate your children about money, how to plan the timing of your retirement, or how to expense a luxury purchase.

No matter the question, no matter the issue, you can rely on our team to listen and respond with compassion and the advantage of our broad capabilities and depth of experience.

We’re your first call.

Contact us

For assistance, please contact Quorum directly at 925-488-0000